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Early School Leaving (ESL) Webinar
AGENDA: Early School Leaving - Webinar
16:00 - 17:00 CET - 31st of May

THEME: "Bringing all ESL resources together"

16:00 - Opening & ESLPLUS Update - Peter de Zoete
16:10 - ESL Toolkit - European School Gateway - Aristea Politi
16:25 - ESL Toolkit - CroCooS - Csilla Szabo
16:40 - ESLPLUS Statistics Module - Eszter Szegedi
16:55 - Q&A

May 31, 2018 4:00 PM in Amsterdam

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Peter de Zoete
Education Consultant @ESHA.ORG
Peter will host this webinar. Peter is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Peter worked for Microsoft for twenty years, After Microsoft he worked as a media/technology consultant and recently joined as an education consultant. Peter has a Master in Anthropology as well as Peter is PE Teacher.
Aristea Politi
Policy assistant @European Commission - DG EAC
Aristea Politi will talk you through the European ESL Toolkit for schools. She works as a policy assistant in the European Commission in DG EAC, in the Unit responsible for schools and multilingualism. From January 2016 she has been working on the development of the European Toolkit for Schools, managing the content and the promotion of the platform.
Eszter Szegedi
Project Leader @Tempus Public Foundation
Eszter will deliver a presentation on a new ESL statistics model that is recently implemented on the ESLPLUS.EU Knowledge portal. Eszter is a knowledge broker: education policy consultant, project leader and trainer in the field of education and is overall responsible for the ESLPLUS project.