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Econometrics 101: modern modelling techniques for marketers
Philip Gaudoin | Director | MetaMetrics |

Econometrics can take out the risk of media spend decisions by applying rigorous modelling techniques to gain the best possible understanding of the situation, assist with decision making, boost ROI and save budget. Join Philip Gaudoin, Director of MetaMetrics, as he gives you an overview of how econometric modelling can help provide evidence of your media performance and inform future marketing strategy.

Philip Gaudoin has over 20 years of experience in applied econometric modelling. He began his academic career at Cambridge University, where he built econometric models and taught the subject to undergraduates. He moved into the commercial sector and had a particular interest in using modelling to inform marketing strategy. 

He’ll share how an econometric model can help marketers demonstrate their department’s contribution to sales, calculate the ROI of media, optimise media budgets, and inform its deployment in the future. 

“For most of our clients and users, econometrics is an approach to marketing attribution,” Phil says. “At its heart, what an econometric model is, is a mathematical equation”.  

Econometrics is a slightly strange beast in that it combines elements of mathematics, statistics and economics. Fortunately, it can be demystified by the econometricians who know it best.

Nov 3, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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