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DigitalCFO Webinar - Automating Your Manufacturing Business Processes
When digital transformation was in its infancy, early adopters took small and tentative steps, digitizing paper where it was easy to do. But just as quickly as they had digitized, they discovered that digitization alone was not enough to sustain competitive advantage.

Organisations had to look beyond the individual parts of a process, and examine these processes as a whole, figuring out how they could digitalize entire workflows. But just as COVID-19 forced people home, it forced organisations to speed up their digitalization plans.

And now, organisations have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve by automating these newly digitalized processes. This process automation can bridge the gap between departmental workflow, alleviate bottlenecks in critical processes, and fortify supply chains to yield benefits in employee productivity, operational efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The most important part of the digitization to automation journey is to get started. Join Digital CFO Asia, Fuji Xerox & leaders in the manufacturing industry in this exclusive webinar to find out how:

- process automation can help alleviate bottlenecks in critical processes and increase employee productivity & operational efficiency.
- A digital work environment with streamlined core business processes can help build a secure, agile & scalable workplace.


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