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International Surrogacy and Creating Your Embryos
January 26 at 12:00 PM PST (2:00 PM CST)

Join Family Source Consultants and San Diego Fertility as we discuss and educate hopeful international parents as they consider gestational surrogacy and/or egg donation in building their family in the United States. We plan to cover a wide range of topics including COVID vaccination for surrogate, surrogacy, sperm shipping, and traveling during the pandemic.

Panelists Include:
Dr. Said Daneshmand
Richard Westoby, SDFC International Representative
Jérôme Brun, FSC International Client Relations Specialist
Jessica Williams, FSC International Client Relations Specialist

Dr. Daneshmand has an expertise in complex IVF cases, and his research has featured work on endometrial receptivity as a way to maximize the probability of success during IVF. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in egg donation and surrogacy, and is one of the main providers on third-party care in the United States, with patients traveling from more than 40 countries in 2018 alone. Dr. Daneshmand has presented his research all over the world, including many presentations to leading IVF experts in China. He is known for developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies, including NGS (next generation sequencing), the latest and most precise technique for assessing embryonic genetic health.

Richard Westoby and his partner Steven are fathers to twins born via US surrogacy in September 2012. Richard has become an advocate helping prospective parents learn more about surrogacy. In doing so he aims to help parents make informed decisions from the outset. Richard also helps US fertility clinics reach out to prospective parents in the UK. He has written a step-by-step guide to US surrogacy and has written on surrogacy for We Are Family Magazine. He is also the author of www.guidetosurrogacy.com and is actively involved within the UK gay dad’s community. Richard lives between London and Norfolk.
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