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Kick Covid-19 in the A** - Special Analytics Webinars on Drivers - Part 1 - Basics, stated, derived, combined
Kick Covid-19 in the A**: Special Analytics Webinars on Drivers – Basics to Cutting Edge
This pandemic won’t keep us down! Special interactive webinars on drivers March 19th, 24th and 26th. Self-quarantined? Office closed? Projects on hold? Let’s kick it all and have some 20-minute webinars on Drivers. We’ll drive it all out.

Maybe a bit on the cheeky side with the shameless promotion, but these webinars get down to business and remind us that we are the cogs that make it all go - connecting makers with consumers. And the foundation of that is identifying, prioritizing and actioning Drivers. Let’s keep the mood up, have some fun, and do some serious driver damage.

These webinars will help you deliver more value in your projects and see how to add more value to your proposals.

This is a series of three webinars, each about 20 minutes long, that go from basics to Out There advanced cutting edge. And, questions or comments are encouraged, and based on that we can go into more depth in some follow up 20 minute ‘nars. They will be recorded and made available to those who sign up. Here are the agendas:

1. Basics: Stated Importance, Derived Importance, Combining them for more insights, Quick rundown on approaches with pro’s, con’s and “red flags” watch-outs. This is MUST DO even for folks with experience.

2. More down the driver rabbit hole: Dealing with IV Correlations. Shapely and Weighted Aspects. MaxDiff and Conjoint / Discrete Choice, Partial Correlation Driver Path Maps

3. Taking it to the Next Level: Simulation with drivers and agent-based approaches: Advanced TURF, optimization/search, best-next-action-steps application, dynamic perceptual driver maps

These are presented by Dr. Chris Diener JD MBA PhD, on behalf of his group, The Analytics Team. He has 25 years of advanced survey-data analytics, author, teacher, researcher, presenter.


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