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Part three: communicating your vision to achieve your ambitions
By the third webinar of this series, viewers should have the foundations for a solid three-year plan. How do you go about executing it? You will need to identify and influence key stakeholders and audiences. This webinar will guide participants on to identifying target audiences and deepening understanding of how to reach them through the tools of communications and social media. With a key focus on targeted messaging and creating maximum impact, the session will also give them tips on how to better communicate their vision.

This is the final part of our three-part webinar series, hosted by RSA and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The series will provide you and your organisation with the tools needed to forecast risk, plan your future finances and communicate your vision. These sessions will help you identify what your organisation needs in both the short and longer-term, and why planning is crucial for sustainability.

Dec 14, 2018 12:00 PM in London

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Carmen Whitelock
head of group channels and brand @RSA
A creative and commercially astute communications professional, Carmen has been working in the marketing and brand sector for twenty years. With deep digital experience across financial and professional services, Carmen has also worked in the not-for-profit sector, managing the online presence for the Save The Children. She currently curates all of RSA’s online platforms and digital channels both internally and externally.
Imogen Ward
digital content producer @RSA
Working as a content producer, Imogen has an in-depth understanding of how to communicate effectively in the digital sphere, with a particular focus on social media. She has experience in researching market trends in order to develop social media strategies which support wider digital marketing plans. She manages the social media channels for RSA and supports the management of the group website.