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What to The Black Women is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment?
SUNY Brockport History's 2020 Robert D. Marcus Memorial Robert D. Marcus Memorial Lecture:
"What to The Black Women is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment?"
presented by 540WMain, Inc
sponsored by Susan B. Anthony Institute at the University of Rochester

This presentation by Dr. Susan Goodier, Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Oneonta, seeks to illuminate the experience of the suffrage movement for women of color in New York State and why it is important to better acknowledge their involvement in the passage of the 19th Amendment. Without a clear and comprehensive understanding of the social and political activism of Black women, we do not yet know the full story of women’s suffrage. Black women operated in complicated networks that stretched from community to community, from city to city, and from state to state. By looking more closely at New York State and its Black women activists, we can learn not just about the strategies Black women used to gain the right to vote but about the networks they created to facilitate this achievement.

-This is a virtual panel and lecture hosted on Zoom
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About the Lecturer:
Dr. Susan Goodier is an Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Oneonta. She studies women’s activism, particularly woman suffrage activism, from 1840 to 1920. She earned a master’s degree in Gender History, a doctorate in Public Policy History, with subfields in International Gender and Culture and Black Women’s Studies, and a Women’s Studies master’s degree, all from the University at Albany. At SUNY Oneonta she teaches courses in Women’s History, New York State History, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and Progressivism. Dr. Goodier is the coordinator for the Upstate New York Women's History Organization (UNYWHO).
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