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Free Class #1: Monetize Your Expertise: Driving Traffic
This is part 1 of a 4-part free masterclass on how to Monetize Your Expertise (even while staying home). I've been making a comfortable living while working from home for the past 20 years, and over the course of this masterclass, I'm going to show you how I do it (and how my students are doing it). Each week is designed to give you actionable insights on how you too can "Monetize Your Expertise."

Week 1 covers Driving Traffic including:
Getting Found
Getting Clicked On, and
Getting Repeat Visitors

The “regular” economy might be shaky but the “digital economy” has never been stronger. If you want to get customers online, there has never been a better time than now. My goal for you is to make the “new normal” be an opportunity for you rather than a crisis.

Whether you are a coach, craftsman, teacher, consultant, contractor, practitioner, retailer, or wholesaler; whether you offer physical products, digital products, or services, you too can create a website that goes beyond being a digital brochure. This masterclass is designed to help you replace or supplement your income while working from anywhere, especially during the covid era.


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