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HIMSS India Chapter Webinar: Lessons learned from second wave of COVID and Future Challenges
The second wave put unprecedented pressure on the healthcare ecosystem. The ecosystem could have managed the pandemic better through efficient planning.

Some of these include:

a) Active tracking of beds and oxygen consumption in hospitals monitored at a ward level, aggregated for each district with daily dashboard.

b) Tracking of medications (viz. Remdesivir, Tocilizumab) including inventory and pricing at each hospital and associated retail store

c) Fire safety surveillance through frequent reminders and mandatory checklists to be completed by hospitals.

d) Active surveillance enabling identification of hotspots as well as hospitals under most stress during the pandemic to ensure early identification of micro containment zones.

The webinar will aim to address these issues by understanding from experts their point of view and measures to be taken to better manage any future situation that can burden the health ecosystem.

Topics for discussion :

1. Managing COVID in hospitals – Employee safety, Managing stress and infections in Healthcare Workers.

2. Logistics for medical supplies – Sourcing and tracking of medical supplies, oxygen using

3. Managing Hospitals in a cost-effective manner during COVID.


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