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Governing Global Challenges: 75 Years After Montreux
Join the Young World Federalists on August 23rd at 5:00 PM UTC to celebrate the founding of the World Federalist Movement! On August 23rd, 1947, world federalists gathered in Montreux, Switzerland to define the movement it's goals. The outcome of this meeting is the Montreux Declaration, a short document that many point to as the genesis of the current political movement to unite the world.

At this webinar, you will hear from experts on UN reform, global democracy and sustainability, and world citizen activism as they discuss the continued relevance of the Montreux Declaration and the current challenges for world federalism.

Read the Montreux Declaration here: https://www.ywf.world/montreux-declaration
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Daphne Gogou
Member of the Bureau @Union of European Federalists
Elected member of the UEF Bureau since 2018, Chairperson of the UEF Political Committee of internal security, migration and citizens rights from 2014 until 2018. As a lawyer, Daphne Gogou joined the European Commission in 1992 and have considerable experience regarding the functioning of the European Institutions.
Andreas Bummel
Executive Director @Democracy Without Borders
Andreas is co-founder and Executive Director of Democracy Without Borders. He is global coordinator of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly which he helped establish in 2007 and co-founder of the Campaign for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative launched in 2019. He frequently writes and speaks about global democracy.
Ariana Yekrangi
Co-Founder and Chair @UN-Aligned
Ariana Yekrangi is a Helsinki-based freelance journalist and Co-founder and Chair of UN-aligned, a Finland-based NGO that works towards the creation of a better United Nations. For over three years now, Ariana has served as the Editor of The Gordian, the monthly publication of UN-aligned that features the bold ideas of its members in regards to world peace, human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection.
Dr. Georgios Kostakos
Executive Director @Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability
Dr Georgios Kostakos is co-founder and Executive Director of FOGGS with almost thirty years of work experience in international affairs, both as a practitioner and as a researcher.