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ILC 2021 - IAPD
● Rev. Dr. William McComish, Dean Emeritus, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Geneva; Co-Founder, Geneva Spiritual Appeal, Switzerland
● Ms. Batool Subeiti, Chemical Engineer; Former President of the Islamic Society, Birmingham University, United Kingdom
● Hon. Jan Figel, former EU Commissioner, former Minister of Transport of Slovakia and Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion and Belief of the EU, Slovakia
● Prof. Brian Myers, Author, Professor of International Studies, Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea
● Ms. Emina Frljak, Peace activist and Coordinator, Youth for Peace in Bosnia; Member of the International Committee on Youth, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Moderator: Rabbi Kevin De-Carli, President, GIIA Interfaith Youth Council, Switzerland

Webinar Backgrounder:
For over 70 years the Korean people have been divided by a cruel, artificial border along the 38th parallel. This deep scar in the world is one of the last remains of the Cold War and has to be addressed. The peace-loving Korean people have lived through a long history of tribulations by powerful neighbors. Unlike Germany, Korea was divided after World War II, despite the fact that it hadn’t caused any hostility.
In a speech given in 1984, the founders of the Universal Peace Federation, themselves natives from what is now North Korea stated: “Many people question what religions can do in this secular age. I answer that the world’s religions need to provide a stable, universal foundation of values upon which governments can build true peace and harmony”. The IAPD, with the support of the Interfaith Community, wishes to draw worldwide attention to this pressing issue and encourage a movement for change on the Korean Peninsula in order to mediate the reconciliation of the two struggling siblings toward a peaceful unification
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