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Solar: A Bright Light in the ABS Market?
Solar Securitization - Review of recent transactions (Sunnova, Mosaic, Loanpal), and expectation for issuance going forward. Trends and challenges, deal structures, innovative features, investor appetite etc.
Reviewing the solar investment tax credit (ITC) and the step-down of the solar ITC. What impact will this have on solar project development and the solar industry overall?
Residential Solar – with recent Solar ABS transactions, institutional investors are getting more comfortable with this class of ABS. How has the investor profile evolved and what appetite has there been for recent transactions? Is Solar ABS becoming more mainstream?
Community Solar makes solar accessible to a larger segment of the population – so what is holding back the exponential growth? How has solar storage capabilities improved? What sources of financing is available?
How does Solar compare to other Green Assets? What obstacles are issuers facing coming to market post-Covid?
Outlook for Distributed Solar: How are utilities responding?
Technological advancements helping boost the solar industry and Investor confidence.
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