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PATTISON Presents: Elevators and The New Normal - A review of emerging elevator pandemic products and the evolution of digital communication in commercial and residential properties.
Learn how new pandemic technology in elevators and digital signage has evolved to provide safety measures and effective communication as part of a new tenant and resident strategy, that is focused on safety, and rapid communication. Sign up now to watch a live first-ever hands-on demonstration of hologram buttons used in Asia. Register for the July 14th webinar or schedule to receive an on-demand copy of the webinar.

-New anti-COVID/anti-bacterial measures for elevators and what is hype and what is right.

-Utilizing digital signage and innovative ways to communicate.

- Hands-on sample of buttons, demonstration of new technologies including phone apps, and holograms.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for property managers, industry leaders, residents & tenants of residential and commercial towers to learn about PATTISON Outdoor’s comprehensive Digital Networks and Solucore's industry-leading elevator consultation services.


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