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The Earned Leadership Quotient™ - Discovering personality and behavioral styles to increase your influence.
Everyone who is responsible for anyone is a leader. Whether you are new to a supervisory position or the senior executive leader, you have a responsibility to lead well. Leading well begins with leading yourself. Leading yourself requires knowing yourself. What makes you tick? You then need to learn what makes others tick? The better you become with your authentic people skills, the higher will be your Earned Leadership Quotient™.

Participants will discover the driving needs, personality and behavioral styles of themselves and others and learn how to:
• Work with others
• Lead others
• Sell their ideas to others
Prerequisite: Complete your free assessment and download your report at

Jan 30, 2018 2:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Kevin McCarthy
Founder, BlindSpot Zone @Making Better Happen, LLC
Kevin McCarthy is the Best-Selling Author of… BlindSpots – Why Good People Make Bad Choices. He is also a full-time keynote speaker, trainer and coach with Making Better Happen, LLC – a Portland, Oregon-based company that “helps busy professionals create lasting authentic change”. Kevin works with industry leaders around the world to uncover the blind spots that affect their decisions.