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Yoga for Insomnia: Why we Sleep and how to get there.
Sleeping is perhaps the least appreciated yet strongest measure you can take to improve your health. Sleep is not just the cessation of activity, it is a delicate and variably programmed night full of central nervous system activities so critical that there are no creatures that can do without it. For your memory, problem-solving abilities, immune system, sensitivity to other people's feelings, coordination, even balance, there is nothing better than a good night's sleep and nothing worse than going without it. When time goes forward one hour in the spring of every year, traffic deaths rise like clockwork; when the clocks go back one hour, they fall. Brain studies coordinating activity with brain circuitry document severe handicap to the hippocampus, limbic system and most areas of the cerebral cortex with less sleep. Yet 70% of the country admits to insomnia. In this webinar you'll learn about sleep, and also simple yoga done in bed that has so far satisfied over 90% of practitioners: after 5-10 minutes, they are not in a state to complain!


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