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Embracing technology to streamline your finance division and drive efficiency
The finance function of any organisation is often referred to as the ‘engine room.’ This crucial component keeps the business running good financial health and operating efficiently.

Technology continues to revolutionize the way the finance function works. It is becoming increasingly clear that the function will only be able to thrive and really add value to their organization by actively embracing the tools that technology can offer.
This webinar will explore the ways in which technology can harness and drive improvements across the finance division:

• Ensuring the safety and security of highly sensitive data with the adoption of technology, providing features to only give strict access control
• Utilizing smarter reporting functions to gauge the performance of the various parts of the finance divisions, from invoice payment lead time to total outstanding debt and supplier/vendor performance
• Streamlining payment systems and utilising financial software to issue invoices, credit notes and collect vendor payments
• Benefitting from a higher level of consistency, speed and efficiency
• Setting approval limits and automatic, next step approval escalations so that there is significantly less delay in invoices or other documents moving through various steps

Jun 3, 2020 04:00 PM in Dubai

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