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Webinar: Enhancing & Supporting Student Employability & Graduate Outcomes with ePortfolio, Myshowcase.me
In support of National Careers Week this year, on 5th March at 12.30pm GMT we will be running a short webinar to discuss how ePortfolios can support students in developing valuable employability skills, improve graduate outcomes and ultimately succeed in today’s competitive careers landscape.

In particular, we demonstrate how our ePortfolio, Myshowcase.me recognises and supports the entire student. Helping them to not only demonstrate extra-curricular activities and academic achievements, but also other key experiences across their life which demonstrate valuable employability skills.

We also cover:

• Providing the student with their own private space to gather a vast array of evidence of their skills, experiences and achievements
• Enabling educators and careers support to create and provide students with an employability or graduate outcomes framework to work with
• A demonstration of ‘Progress Views’ in Myshowcase.me – a unique space where educators and careers support can track student progress against their employability framework and provide encouragement and support
• Providing students with the ability to create and design unique online CVs and digital resumes to share with employers and others for review and consideration

Join us on 5th March at 12.30pm and register below. We look forward to seeing you there.


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