Unplanned is the true story of Abby Johnson
After Unplanned: The Walls are Talking, (Abby Johnson talks with former abortion workers)


May 21, 2019 06:25 PM

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Abby Johnson
Founder and Executive Director @And Then There Were None
Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years, working her way up through the ranks to become the clinic director a clinic in Bryan, Texas. She was Planned Parenthood's Employee of the Year in 2008 but she walked away from her job after witnessing the abortion of a 13-week-old fetus during an ultrasound-guided abortion. She left Planned Parenthood and instantly became a national news headline for her defection, which led to a pro-life speaking career. In 2012, she founded And Then There Were None, the only ministry in the nation that helps abortion workers leave their jobs and find new ones out of the industry. To date, she has helped nearly 500 abortion workers quit. Her bestselling book, Unplanned, was made into a feature film abd was released in theaters nationwide on March 29. It is currently being released internationally. Abby and her husband, Doug, have seven children, with their eighth due in June 2019.
Adrienne Moton
Adrienne Moton is a former employee of Women’s Medical Center, the infamous Kermit Gosnell’s practice. She worked in the abortion industry for three years under Gosnell before quitting in October of 2008. She found And Then There Were None after having been through a trial and carrying out her sentence for her work at Gosnell’s clinic. Since coming through And Then There Were None and seeking the healing, love, and redemption freely available to her and all clinic workers who quit, Adrienne has discovered she has a talent for making beautiful things and a desire to speak out against the both the institutional horrors and the personal horrors experienced by the employees of the abortion industry. With the support and encouragement of ATTWN, Adrienne now makes jewelry, sold under the “Fashionably Forgiven” label. These stunning pieces of jewelry embody what Adrienne has experienced first-hand: the beauty and power of forgiveness, love, and redemption. Adrienne is from Philadelphia, PA an
Sue Thayer
Sue Thayer has a story that shows the power of redemption. She hopes that her journey will help others find hope in the midst of the struggles of life. No one in the pro-life world has been inside Planned Parenthood longer than Sue Thayer. Having been a Center Manager for nearly 18 years, Sue believed she was helping women. But that all changed when she was informed she would soon be trained to do webcam abortions at her small rural Iowa center. Stunned, her concerns fell on deaf ears. Sue began to see the abortion giant in a new light and ultimately shared her insider’s knowledge. Sue’s vast experience coupled with her changed heart and bold faith has led to a whistle-blower lawsuit, currently in litigation. Sue led Storm Lake’s first ever 40 Days For Life campaign at the very clinic she supervised for so many years. Shortly after completing the prayer vigil, Planned Parenthood closed its doors forever. Sue shares her miraculous conversion with honesty, transparency, and humor.