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After Unplanned: The Walls are Talking, (Abby Johnson talks with former abortion workers)
UNPLANNED, the surprise hit film based on the book of the same name by former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, shook the nation as people were confronted with the truth about abortion. Many people, even those who are pro-life, didn’t know how horrific abortion was or the devastating effects it wrecked on children, women, and their families. Abby received hundreds of personal messages about how UNPLANNED changed their views on abortion – and how they viewed those who worked in the industry, just like Abby did.

UNPLANNED only showed a small portion of what it looks like to work in the abortion industry. But it also showed how love and compassion can help workers quit their jobs and leave the industry entirely. Many of their stories are told in Abby’s second book, The Walls Are Talking.

Join Abby Johnson on TUESDAY, MAY 21 at 7:30pm EDT and four former abortion workers to learn:

- how their stories are changing the face of the pro-life movement,
- the secrets of the abortion industry, and
- how abortion clinics are dealing with the exodus of so many workers.

You will meet these four courageous former workers:

- Sue Thayer - Sue was a Center Manager for Planned Parenthood for 18 years. After she became pro-life, Sue led the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign outside the very clinic she managed.

- Monica Cline - Monica was trained by Planned Parenthood for outreach to teens and saw first-hand that the goals were more abortion-centered than they were education-based.

- Adrienne Moton - Adrienne is a former employee of Women’s Medical Center, the infamous Kermit Gosnell’s practice. She worked in the abortion industry for 3 years.

- Myra Neyer worked for Planned Parenthood in Baltimore. She witnessed an unforgettable abortion procedure that led to her quitting her job in the industry,

25 participants will receive an autographed copy by random draw. You can purchase The Walls Are Talking from Ignatius Press, https://www.ignatius.com
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