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Turn Your Passion into a Profession
Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Have you thought about a nonprofit career but you are not sure whether it is right for you? Are you curious about what kind of career paths exist – and whether you can truly make a difference and a living? Join us for a fast-paced webinar that will provide the roadmap for turning your passion for service into a social-impact career. After learning about strategies you could employ today to ensure you are making the most of your time in college, you will hear from a panel of successful social-impact leaders who turned their love of service and community into a rewarding career.

● Christa Beall Diefenbach, CNP, Vice President of Mission Engagement, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
● Jackie Blair Cuellar, CNP, Director, Volunteer Programs at Foundation Communities
● Terence Narcisse, CNP, Executive Director at East Harris County Empowerment Council
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