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Happy Cats - How to deal with undesirable cat behaviour 2
Are you a cat owner experiencing unwanted behavior in your cat? The most observed behaviors are for example urine marking, house soiling, aggression and tension between cats and undesirable scratching.

As a cat behavior counsellor (MSc CAPB, IAABC) I know how incredibly stressful this can be for you as an owner as well as for your cat(s).

In this free online session I want to help you get started. I will tell you about the most common reasons and influences on undesirable behavior and what you can do at first to manage, prevent and modify this behavior.

I will also answer questions from the audience about their cat behavior problems in a practical and achievable way.

Of course I will also tell you how I can help you further with more information about how to make your cat happier than ever. But that won't take more than 3 minutes :).

Is your cat showing undesirable behavior, then you don't want to miss this session. Subscribe today, you're in for a treat!

When? Thursday April 22th
- San Francisco: 9am
- New York: 12pm
- London: 5pm
- Brussels/Berlin: 6pm
- Helsinki/Moscow: 7pm
- Dubai: 8pm
- Sydney: 2am (April 23rd, sorry about that :))

I promise to help you out in the best possible way within this timeframe!

All the best, Anneleen Bru

Cat Behavior Counsellor
Author of the Happy Cats Books
MSc CABC (University of Southampton, UK)
Full certified member IAABC (US)



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