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Working Smarter: Designing Work to Improve Well-being and Performance
Changes in Canadians’ jobs and workplaces are shaped by major economic and social trends. Globalization, new technologies, labour market restructuring, demographics and evolving management practices are relentlessly transforming work. At the same time, there is considerable potential to maximize the upside of these trends by reimagining how we work.

Designing work to be more challenging, meaningful, skilled, collaborative and flexible will bring about improvements in organizational performance and workers’ well-being. As the OECD has argued, this must be a basic goal for all advanced industrial societies. Canada is ideally positioned to achieve this goal.

Canada’s well-educated workforce sets a high bar for talent management practices. Canadian workers have more education than those in any other industrial nation. This abundance of human resources should give employers a big competitive advantage in today’s information-driven economy. However, there is untapped opportunity to better enable workers to fully apply and further develop their capabilities. The implication for employers is clear: Finding ways to ‘work smarter’ will improve the quality of work-life, increase workers’ engagement and contributions – with positive results for organizational performance and society as a whole.

In this session, Graham Lowe, workplace consultant and co-author of Redesigning Work will present an interactive webinar that discusses:

• The current state of work in Canada
• How Canadian workers have experienced a tumultuous decade of change
• Trends in the quality of work-life
• Opportunities to improve both well-being and job performance
• A blueprint for designing better work, from the perspective of Canadian workers

Mar 28, 2018 1:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Graham Lowe
President @The Graham Lowe Group Inc.
A workplace consultant and professor emeritus, Lowe has over three decades of organizational and employment policy experience. He is the author of Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success, and Redesigning Work: A Blueprint for Canada’s Future Well-Being and Prosperity. He is a recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award.