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Brushes + Buttons for a Better World: Activism as Beauty & Fashion - Wednesday, April 21, 2021
The tie between fashion, beauty and activism continues to grow stronger. More and more brands are taking a larger role in shaping a kinder, better world. Hear from those leading the charge in this space and be inspired about ways that you can tie your passions to a cause.

Panelist Moderator
Sage Adams - Artist & Curator

Kim Hill - Founder/CEO, Next of Kim
Advocate for Women of Color in Fashion/Beauty

April Walker - CEO, Walker Wear

Sean Smith - Celebrity Stylist, Filmmaker

Greg Baldwin - CEO, VolunteerMatch

Jonathon Burford - Creative Director, Follow Beauty - Co-Founder, Beautycon

Rashan Schoffner - Multi-Hyphenate Creative & Fashion Influencer


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