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World Snake Day Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Snake Conservation and Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation
Despite their unwarranted reputation, snakes are critically important animals for our world. Snakes maintain balance in the food web and provide humans an ecological service by controlling pest populations. Yet, global snake populations are at risk from habitat destruction, disease, over-harvesting, invasive species, climate change and persecution by humans. Currently, the conservation needs of most snake species are underfunded, remain poorly understood by researchers and garner little attention from society.

However, as human populations rapidly grow and spread into areas that wildlife depend on, conflict with snakes is becoming increasingly common. Each year, over 2.5 million people around the world suffer a serious snakebite envenomation. In response to this snakebite crisis, the World Health Organization classified snakebite as a neglected tropical disease as few efforts exist to reduce snakebite in the countries that need it most.

This webinar will address the gap between the conservation needs of snake species and the human-snake conflict solutions that exist in communities around the world. How can we address these issues? Do we really need to save the snakes?

Save The Snakes Executive Director Michael Starkey and Save The Snakes Communications Coordinator Hiral Naik take you on a journey around the world to introduce you to some incredible snake species and the dedicated individuals who are working to save them from harm. They will also dispel the myths that surround snakes, explain how snake species are under threat of extinction and inform the audience about how we as a society can learn to live with, and to even love, these amazing reptiles.

The presentation features many photos of snakes from around the world, and there will be a question and answer session following the presentation.

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Jul 16, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Save The Snakes is dedicated exclusively to snake conservation and human-snake conflict mitigation.
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