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Jul 4, 2019 09:10 AM

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Filip Fiers
AoEC Consultant Coach & Executive Coach
Filip is an executive coach with focus on individual and team development within a business context. His main goal is to make managers and their teams collaborate and perform better in a fast moving, constantly changing environment. Clients use the following words to describe Filip’s style: • open, honest, pragmatic • input can be put into practice immediately • no fluff around concepts, down to earth methodology • great reference framework that helps him to tailor interventions to specific needs • very flexible mode (on-the-go), in an authentic way and with a lot of enthusiasm
Vanessa Wye
AoEC Consultant Coach & Executive Coach
Vanessa is passionate about the transformation of senior people and her expertise lies in the development of honest, powerful & enabling relationships. She specialises in the one to one coaching & team facilitation of senior executives to deliver higher value to their business. Vanessa has coached for over 20 years and has come to understand that her purpose, is to help senior leaders be the most fully integrated, best version, of themselves at work. As each leader stepped further into their best self; they shone, were happier and more confident. Importantly for the organisation, they became better at relationships, dealing with change and conflict and secured more success. For Vanessa and her coachees this is transformational leadership coaching: it’s about breakthroughs in understanding self and what we value, the confidence to step into our own power, to find our authenticity, our creativity and the courage to walk a bold path