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Operation Self-Reliance - LIVE Q&A!
IF you've seen our introductory video for "Operation Self-Reliance", you can attend this LIVE Q&A session and get your questions answered.

Haven't seen the video? No problem!
You can watch it here
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“Operation Self-Reliance” is a private, non-profit partnership of organizations helping families achieve complete self-reliance, not dependent on cities for their food, water, power or sanitation needs, and, living in an environmentally-friendly way.

Families can use the resources of the Academy of Self-Reliance to achieve as much independence as they want -- whether that's on their own property where they now live, or, in the 1,245 acre Riverbed Ranch modern (ie. high-tech) homesteading community being created by a group of organizations, led by the Academy and OSR Green, LLC.

OSR Q&A Session starts at 7pm Mountain Time.
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