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18/01/2021: Maria Harkiolaki, DIAMOND, 3D Correlative cryo-imaging of cell populations using soft X-ray tomography and structured illumination fluorescence microscopy

25/01/2021: Antje Keppler, EuroBioImaging, At the interface of structural biology techniques and life cell imaging: common user access and outreach

01/02/2021: Javier Chichón, CSIC, Cryo-electron microscopy at the CNB

08/02/2021: Christian Richter / Sridhar Sreeramulu, BMRZ, Ligand screening against the SARS-CoV-2 genome and proteome: practical aspects: from data acquisition to analysis

15/02/2021: Ludovic Renault, NeCEN, Cryo-EM at NeCEN

22/02/2021: Sam Horrell, DIAMOND, What is available at Diamond's I24?

01/03/2021: Tanguy Le Marchand / Guido Pintacuda, RALF-NMR, Dynamic structures of proteins by magic-angle spinning NMR at RALF-NMR in Lyon

08/03/2021: Claudia Zoani, METROFOOD, METROFOOD-RI - Applications of Structural Biology to the agrifood

15/03/2021: Tanja Miletic, EU-OPENSCREEN, Combining structural and chemical biology expertise in fragment-based drug discovery across RIs

22/03/2021: Judith Weber / Simone Mattei, EMBL-HD, EMBL Imaging Centre - Tackling challenges in Electron and Light Microscopy
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