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ルビーの原産地情報と鑑別に役立つ内部特徴について (History of "Ruby" and its geographic origin determination.)

北脇 裕士 氏 
株式会社中央宝石研究所 リサーチ室 部長

Historically, ruby deposits are majority sourced from the Mogok region of Myanmar but in recent decades, rubies are also found to be sourced from new mines in southeast Asian and African countries.
Traceability of the origin has become a vital information in the jewelry business in recent years.
In this seminar, we will explain how to distinguish the origin of rubies and identify rubies with high commericial value using abundant of photographs.

Mr. Hiroshi Kitawaki
(General Manager, Reserch Division, Central Gem Laboratory)

Nov 26, 2020 11:00 AM in Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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