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Saturn Cloud & BCG: Level Up Your Data Science Team
Leading a data science team that consistently provides value can be quite challenging. There can be issues collaborating with stakeholders, keeping work reproducible, and ensuring that the team's work actually gets used.

This joint webinar between Saturn Cloud and BCG will discuss some of the frameworks BCG uses to run its world-class data science consulting team. The webinar will also cover best practices useful for all data science teams and leaders.


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Ian Stokes Reese
Associate Director @BCG Gamma
Ian is currently an Associate Director at BCG Gamma, the global advanced analytics consulting division of the Boston Consulting Group. His focus is “AI at Scale” which means leading projects that can combine data, software, infrastructure, people, and processes to create performant and scalable technical solutions.
Jacqueline Nolis
Head of Data Science @Saturn Cloud
Dr. Jacqueline Nolis is a data science leader with 15 years of experience in running data science teams and projects at companies ranging from Airbnb to Boeing. She is the Head of Data Science at Saturn Cloud where she helps design products for data scientists. Jacqueline has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and her academic research focused on optimization under uncertainty. For fun, Jacqueline likes to use data science for humor—like using deep learning to generate offensive license plates.