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Co-designing transparency – public reporting of healthcare data for clinicians and consumers
In New Zealand (NZ), complaints by journalists to the Ombudsman over release of named, surgeon-specific information have led to considerable activity in the healthcare sector.
Increased transparency of health data for consumers and clinicians is the future but putting transparency to work has a history of controversy, waste and underuse by consumers. How do we make transparency work for everyone? The NZ Health Quality & Safety Commission, a national quality improvement agency, are working with the NZ Ministry of Health on an innovative evidence-based approach to increasing transparency in consultation with consumers. Starting with existing registries, we are developing measures through a co-design process from existing robust data sources to provide consumers with information they want and clinicians with meaningful information they can act on and use for quality improvement projects.

Aug 28, 2019 09:00 PM in Auckland, Wellington

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Carl Shuker
Principal Advisor, Publications @Health Quality & Safety Commission, New Zealand
Carl Shuker is principal advisor in publications at the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission. He is the author of five novels, most recently the bestselling A Mistake, a novel about errors in medicine and how we use data to understand – and misunderstand – what goes on in our hospitals.