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HeadTalk: Invictus School Hong Kong

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Ruth Benny
Founder & Head Girl @Top Schools
The founder of Top Schools, Ruth has over 20 years’ experience in the education system in Hong Kong. She has the advantage of many years in different areas of education – as a teacher, a teacher-trainer, a parent and now advisor for the international school sector. Ruth writes and speaks about private and international schools for parents, corporations and other groups.
Chris Jackson
Founding Principal, Primary @Invictus School Hong Kong
Chris Jackson gained a BEd (Hons) from Westminster College, Oxford. Since moving to Hong Kong from the UK in the 1990s, he has held teaching and management roles in a variety of schools and institutions - large and small; English medium and bilingual. Chris understands the challenges and opportunities for families as they look for an education which is personal in its delivery, yet global in its perspective. Chris values a curriculum which is broad and holistic, and looks to the future to prepare children for success. He believes children learn best when they are self-motivated and engaged, and has always promoted learning which is relevant and meaningful for the children themselves, in spaces which are creative and caring, and in partnership with parents and the community.
Fiona Chan
Founding Principal, Kindergarten @Invictus School Hong Kong
Fiona Chan studied in the United States and completed her studies with a Post Graduate Diploma and Master in Education, focused on Early Childhood Education. For nearly two decades, Fiona has worked in a variety of roles in Early Childhood Education from teaching, teacher training to day-to-day school management. She brings a wealth of knowledge from all levels of running a busy and active Kindergarten. Challenging young minds is what drives Fiona forward, with new approaches to learning as well as developing ideas that are creative, hands-on and inspiring, allowing children to develop as well rounded global citizens.