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Live-Demo: Autonomous Inspection through a Mixed Fleet of Robots
Given the expansive scope of inspections in different environments, industries are in need of a mixed fleet of specialist robots that are tailored to these conditions.

Our robot-agnostic solution enables industries to manage a mixed fleet of robots in different environments (incl. ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 areas) through one single interface.

In this session, we will present a live-demo of autonomous inspection and delve into how these robots can be equipped with extensible sensors and skills that match your inspection needs.

Join our webinar and watch robots perform inspection missions autonomously.

What to look forward to in the webinar?

1. Live demo of inspection missions by our robot fleet including Spot, from Boston Dynamics, and ExR-2 from ExRobotics

2. The need for a mixed fleet of specialist robots and how you can manage them through a single interface

3. Learn about industrial use-cases and problems solved through autonomous robots

4. Best practices derived from 2 years of our experience in deploying 50+ robots in the brownfield industry with over 50,000 hours of deployment

5. Value added by autonomous inspections in terms of operational efficiency, workplace safety and cost effectiveness

Be a part of the Webinar and learn how we push the boundaries of what is possible and extract the full potential of robots.

About us: Energy Robotics provides an end-to-end, robot-agnostic software solution for autonomous inspections in capital-intensive industries such as oil & gas, chemical and energy.
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Marc Dassler
CEO & Co-Founder @Energy Robotics
In 2019, Marc and four other experts, belonging to the multiple international award-winning research group of TU Darmstadt founded the startup, Energy Robotics, which offers the first commercially available platform for autonomous mobile robots in industrial inspection.