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Breathe HR | A Guided Tour
Join Ben, Kristi, Dana, and Sian for the ultimate beginners guide to Breathe.

In an interactive 30 minute session, you'll learn all about how Breathe offers you a hassle-free people admin solution.

Join us to find out how you can;
- Take the stress out of managing holiday and leave
- Save time with HR processes
- Cut down all your paperwork
- Centralise and store your information securely
- Provide your employees with a tool that they'll love

There's lots more, so make sure you don't miss out - Book a seat now!

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Ben Willis
Onboarding Specialist @Breathe
I joined the onboarding team at Breathe in April 2019. When I first started, I was surprised at how quick and easy Breathe was to get to grips with - I love it when our customers experience the same and when I hear things like "Breathe has changed my life".
Ben Alleyne
Inside Sales Specialist @Breathe
I started at Breathe in October 2019. As a new employee using Breathe, I found the system great and simple to use, even when accessing it on my mobile. It’s great seeing customers end their mountain of paper work through the use of Breathe, and get back time they didn’t know they had.
Sian Bishop
Onboarding Specialist @Breathe
I joined the onboarding team in November 2021. In my time here, I have seen just how quick and easy Breathe is to use as a software. The knowledge base is the best resource section I have ever used, and would highly recommend every one make full use of that resource.
Kristi Gale
Inside Sales Specialist @Breathe
I joined the onboarding team at Breathe in November 2021. I love the culture that Breathe have created and try to encourage in other SMEs by giving time back to businesses where it matters most. Putting your people first really helps you get the most out of your business!
Dana Smith
Onboarding Specialist @Breathe
I joined the onboarding team at Breathe in December 2021. I am continuously impressed at how Breathe really live by their company culture. I hope we can inspire other company’s to do the same and bring out the very best in their staff. My favourite part of Breathe is our kudos section, I love seeing everyone giving encouragement and appreciation.