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DEBATE: A subsidy free renewable global industry is possible within 5 years
Falling technology costs have meant that the need for subsidies in the renewable energy industry has been questioned. However, whilst wind and solar are leading, many parts of the industry are not there yet. Would it be a mistake to assume, too early, that subsidies are no longer needed, just as the industry is really picking up momentum? (For this debate we will define subsidy free as: ‘a project to be without government subsidy irrespective of movements in the market price’)
Watch our industry leading speakers as they discuss and debate:
• To what extent are business models ready to operate without support?
• Have costs fallen enough for subsidies to be cut?
• Can the PPA market support the level of growth that is required to meet climate change targets?
• Are current incentive structures sufficient enough to mobilise large sums of money that will be even more needed without subsidies?
• Governments: from funders to regulators. To what extent do governments need to continue to hold auctions that offer competitive subsidies?
• Will the risk of “price cannibalisation” be too severe?
How does Europe compare to other geographies? Is a subsidy free renewable global industry practical or is it just wishful thinking?
What is the feasibility of a global movement mobilising the private sector?

Jul 23, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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