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Powell's Books Presents Kate Greene in Conversation With Sian Proctor


Jul 30, 2020 04:13 PM

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Kate Greene
Kate Greene was the crew writer and second-in-command on a simulated Mars mission for the NASA-funded HI-SEAS project. She is a former laser physicist, poet, and essayist whose work has appeared in Wired, The Economist, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Slate, Discover, Science News, and other publications. She has taught writing at Vanderbilt University, San Francisco State University, and the Tennessee Prison for Women. She currently lives in New York City where she is a teaching fellow in the writing department at Columbia University.
Sian Proctor
Dr. Sian Proctor is a geoscientist, explorer, and science communication specialist with a passion for space exploration. She believes that when we solve for space, we also solve issues on Earth. She believes sustainable food practices used in space exploration can reduce food waste on Earth. She has a TEDx talk called Eat Like a Martian and published the Meals for Mars Cookbook. Dr. Proctor is a geology, sustainability, and planetary science professor at South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona.