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The Future of Work & Its Impact on HR
In the next 4 years we will witness the greatest amount of change ever in the world of work. How prepared are you? There are huge implications for our global workforce as technology plays a larger and larger role in the organization.

The average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 organization is just 15 years, so individuals can no longer assume that employment is for life. Business competitors no longer come from within your industry sector; they mostly sprout up and scale at speed to grab huge market share. The hierarchical organization chart that once created vertical career ladders in a functional silo no longer makes sense. This is a major challenge for future organization design. The organization chart of the future is organic and constantly evolving. Work architecture needs to be broken up like Legos and reconfigured into human and machine pieces. Organizations are neither resourced nor ready for such an eventuality.

Start preparing by letting go of the past – something we, as humans, find very hard to do. We like routine, certainty and security. Like Legos, the work pieces will need be broken down and reconfigured for every new business challenge. This will lead to the demise of rigid functional silos and will require agile and cross-functional networked systems that evolve to meet specific customer needs.

Feb 21, 2019 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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John Fitzgerald
Executive Coach, Career Coach, Motivational Speaker @Harmonics Ireland
John is the founder and Managing Director of Harmonics. He is a much sought after Executive Coach with over 14 years’ experience in leadership development, career coaching and business consulting. John is entrepreneurial by nature and has started three successful businesses in the past 7 years. He has written much of the material for Harmonics Career Management Programmes. He brings a combination of business leadership experience, innovation and commercial knowledge to his coaching practice which is universally acclaimed. He is passionate about being at the leading edge of new thinking and is furthering his studies in the field of Neuroscience and Theory U to apply latest best practice to his coaching.