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Creating Change: Best Practices in Storytelling for Advocacy
To develop stories for use in achieving development outcomes is a multi-dimensional process, one that extends far past the traditional advocacy story that pulls on our heartstrings. Rather, it involves making strategic decisions from the outset—who is the right storyteller for the right audience and what is the right type of story. This process necessarily embraces concerns about how to protect the storyteller, who owns the story, and involves ethnographic research to discover the stories that are not being told, but that could make the greatest impact.

Key Topics

• How to connect personal stories to broader policy or social change goals
• Various roles of stories in the advocacy process
• The limits and pitfalls of storytelling for advocacy
• Choosing the right messenger
• Surfacing untold (and unheard) stories

Nov 14, 2018 12:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Brett Davidson
Director, Media and Narratives @Open Society Foundations
Brett Davidson’s work focuses on changing long-held social narratives that impact public health. Prior to joining Open Society in 2010, Davidson was a media consultant in Southern and Eastern Africa, assisting nongovernmental organizations to develop media advocacy strategies. Davidson previously served as program manager at the South African democracy institute, Idasa, where he helped community radio stations in South Africa develop participatory news and current affairs programming and improve their coverage of local government. He also has worked as a radio journalist, presenter, and producer at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. In 2002, Davidson was the Katherine Fanning Fellow in Journalism and Democracy at the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio, where he focused on the study of public journalism. Davidson holds an MA in journalism and media studies from Rhodes University.
Murray Nossel
Founder, Director @Narativ
Murray Nossel, PhD, is the co-founder and Director of Narativ, a communication consultancy with offices in New York and London. Nossel is on the teaching faculty of the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has worked extensively with Open Society Foundations to change narratives around underprivileged communities in Africa and Eastern Europe, recently focusing on narratives about the Roma that prevent adequate access to health services. Murray has worked with corporations as diverse as the Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, New York Habitat, UNICEF, Radisson Hotels, the Open Society Foundations, Birchbox and Twitter to tell their story.