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Meshless CFD as fast and reliable development tool in various industrial sectors
Particleworks is a meshless, CFD software for the simulation of liquid flows based on the Moving Particle Simulation method (MPS).
[1] Thanks to the fast model preparation and ease of use, in just a few years of commercialization in Europe, Particleworks has been adopted by several companies.
The applications of Particleworks include oil splashing and sloshing in gearboxes and transmissions, piston cooling, spray cooling of electric motors as well as applications related to wading, water management and soiling. Particleworks can also simulate the flow of liquids with highly complex viscous behaviour such as grease and other non-Newtonian fluids, paving the way to investigations in the fields of industrial mixers, food and beverage, customer care products and innovative paste, applicable in soldering or hydrogen storage devices.
In the field of gearboxes and transmission systems, Particleworks allows to go from CAD to CFD results in significant less time compared to other CFD approaches, allowing to quickly validate both passive and active lubrication systems or identify critical operating conditions.

[2] With an increase of demand for hybrid and electric traction in the automotive market, the development of e-drives requires a significant increase in power density while reducing costs. Wet running and spray cooling concepts support the increase in power density. Spray cooling approach was recently validated by Ricardo, using Particleworks to evaluate the heat transfer coefficient distribution on the windings and comparing resulting temperatures to experimental data [3].
Moreover, product development is an increasingly integrated task, requiring fluid, electromagnetic and thermal analysis. Particleworks can be coupled with a variety of other software, for instance to import 1D channel flow distributions, airfield data or to export heat transfer coefficient or pressure maps.

May 11, 2021 10:00 AM in Paris

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