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"More productivity in die cutting. With the mplaten|cleaner."
The productivity of die cutting machines is influenced by many factors. To achieve maximum output, not only the used tool technologies and their functionality play
an important role, but also the condition of the die cutting machine.

In our Web Session "More productivity in die cutting” we will show you how important it is that the platen of a die cutting machine is cleaned regularly.
And what positive effects platen care has on your knife patching times, the productivity of your die-cutting machine and the quality of your packaging.

We will also introduce the platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner and show you LIVE how it can be used to clean the platen of your machine quickly and efficiently.
For best performance in the production of your packaging.

- Backgrounds: Productivity of cutting dies.
- Challenges.
- Comparison before/after.
- Introduction mplaten|cleaner.
- LIVE presentation: Introduction to mplaten|cleaner and demonstration of a platen cleaning system.
- Your advantages.

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Andre Angermeir
General Sales Manager Die Supplies & Automation @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG
Ingo Graham
Product Manager @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG