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Reach Your Hiring Goals Faster with Skills-based Recruiting
For years technical recruiters have used resume-based assessment and whiteboard interviews to find qualified software engineers. The problem is you can’t measure skills listed on a resume, so there is a lot of wasted time, energy, and money in the hiring process.

For recruiters, CodeSignal's skills-based platform will:
-- Identify top candidates before you reach out
-- Reduce unconscious bias
-- Ensure you pass more qualified candidates onto engineering hiring teams
-- Create a scalable, standardized experience for all candidates

For engineering teams, CodeSignal's skills-based platform will:
-- Instantly gage coding proficiency with widely accepted CodeSignal Coding Score
-- Front load tests to quickly identify qualified candidates at scale; no wasted time
-- Assess candidates on-site or remotely with live state-of-the-art testing environment
-- Save, replay and share all tests and interviews with everyone involved in the hire
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Lucy Zhao
Director of Product Marketing @CodeSignal
Lucy Zhao is the Director of Product Marketing at CodeSignal. With over 10 years of marketing experience, she is focused on launching customer-focused products and delivering meaningful user experiences. She is also one of the earliest employees of Plivo, as well as an MIT alumni, HCI practitioner, designer, UX aficionado, and part-time furniture maker.