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HyPer grades: galvanized High Strength Steels for structural engineering
Cold-formed steel profiles are important components for Building structural applications. They are commonly used to design primary or secondary structures in building to support floors, roofs & facades elements in the form of purlins, rails & deckings. They distribute the various loads from the building envelope to the main frame and the foundations.
They are also used in other structural applications such as silos & tanks, conventional or high-bay racks, solar mounting systems.
During this webinar, we will present the range of metallic coated high strength steels for this applications, available in two standard families: construction grades and high strength low alloy (HSLA) grades, and explain their specific properties.

We will emphasize in particular how the range of HyPer grades Steel for construction is fulfilling the material requirements of the Eurocode 3 design and material rules to enable building owners to construct safe and cost-effective buildings. Indeed, even at a slightly higher costs, these grades allow to design more effective structure and to save weight & to cut the overall cost of your projects.
Last but not least, reducing weight & material quantities thanks to High Strength Steel is a strong & immediate lever to also reduce the environmental footprint of steel solutions.

Jul 7, 2021 01:00 PM in Luxembourg

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Jérôme Guth
Metallic coated steels segment Leader @ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products
Jérôme Guth, metallic coated steels segment Leader, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products After graduation in Metallurgical engineering, Jérôme Guth held several positions in the automotive segment of the group, in R&D, as a production manager of galvanised steels, as a resident engineer and later as head of advanced automotive engineering at Arcelor, with the objective to introduce new steel grades for weight reduction at car manufacturers. In 2006, Jérôme moved to global headquarter in Luxembourg at the CEO office of Flat Products Europe. In 2009, he joined ArcelorMittal Construction and was appointed Managing Director of a profiling subsidiary of ArcelorMittal producing structural profiles for building & solar applications. In 2014, he headed the business development for the construction market, and since 2016 he holds the responsibility for our Magnelis® and other metallic coated steels product portfolio.