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Fast Forward to Industry 4.0
Are your machines performing as planned? 3DSignals creates immediate digital visibility into production floors. Within hours, our cloud based Asset Performance Monitoring platform generates powerful insights to help you reduce operating costs and bottlenecks.
Our solution was proven to significantly improve machine productivity and OEE in a period of 3 months after installation.
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Jonathan Yuval
VP of Sales @3DSignals
Jonathan has over 25 years of experience in business development and international sales. Like many others in our team he is a long distance runner who is always looking for new ways to improve, expand, optimize workflow and eliminate bottlenecks
Danya Golan
VP of Marketing @3DSignals
Danya is a seasoned storyteller. With over a decade of B2B global marketing experience she understands the value of technology and innovation as well as the barriers to adopt them and the means to overcome these barriers