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Breaking Down the Onboarding Challenge: How Personalized Learning is the Answer
New-hire training is fraught with challenges. From a disjointed and fragmented learning experience to low engagement caused by one-size-fits-all training, new hires can become discouraged rather than energized. They are often overwhelmed with too much information, and their managers are frequently out of the loop and do not know when or how best to engage. While leaders want their new hires to be ready to work ASAP, they lack insights into the onboarding process. What should the development model and experience design look like to address these challenges and why is it so difficult to implement? Why can’t the existing systems (LMS and LXP) deliver?

In this webinar, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Manoj Kulkarni, CEO of Realizeit Learning, will discuss what goes into creating an engaging and productive onboarding experience that excites new hires and sets the table for a successful career path of learning. Understand where to focus your onboarding improvements and learn how to leverage intelligence and automation to improve learning, engage both new hires and their support network, and ensure new hires are competent and ready to work.

The discussion will break down onboarding into its key components, sharing how the right technology can personalize the experience with less effort:
• Keep new hires engaged throughout the Onboarding process
• Develop new hires to be job-ready
• Mitigate risk through role-based skills validation
• Improve manager support during the onboarding process


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Manoj Kulkarni
CEO @Realizeit
David Wentworth
Principal Learning Analyst @Brandon Hall Group