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Where's All of My Data? Digital Marketing Strategies for the Modern Ecosystem
Automotive retail has been navigating shutdowns, inventory issues, privacy updates, and more for the past two years. In the next year, more significant changes will come to fruition that will also impact their digital marketing: loss of the cookie and Universal Analytics. To be best prepared for the future -- and even present -- digital marketing ecosystem, this webinar will discuss some of the most effective methods to keep your thumb on the pulse, including VLAs, GA4 framework, video strategies, and more.


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Dane Saville
Brand & PR Manager @Reunion Marketing
Dane Saville has enjoyed an eclectic career from the classroom to the classified room for the Department of Navy to the studio. One thing has remained constant among all of the changes: educational distillation. He helped co-found Reunion Marketing as its thought leader on content marketing and has spent the last few years learning from experts in all disciplines of digital marketing to pull out the essential pieces for easy-to-learn content. Dane now hosts an educational automotive podcast series, the KPI Cafe, available on all major podcast platforms. Outside of his professional work, Dane enjoys time with his wife Michelle, fur baby Gemma, and a small-time career as a professional wrestler.