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Stories of hope in the time of environmental crisis : The World Has Changed
What's common to a polar bear and a remote island in the South Pacific? Could a Lone Ranger deep in the Western ghats hold key to the next pandemic? There is a wealth of knowledge gained from walking through the hinterlands and working with foot soldiers who stand guard to our forests, that holds stories of promise and peril. Seen through the lens of a filmmaker, this session will delve into the beautiful and endangered relationship of man and the wild, and our collective responsibility to nurture it.

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Jul 2, 2021 06:00 PM in India

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Amoghavarsha JS
Storyteller, filmmaker
An eye for capturing stories of the natural world and his deep roots in technology makes Amoghavarsha a unique voice in telling stories of earth and its inhabitants. Having worked with National Geographic and BBC, his work has been exhibited and appreciated across the world and won many awards including the prestigious Indian national film awards. His work on climate change has not only been showcased in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Paris) by Indian Prime Minister and French President but also at the United Nations Head quarters (New York) where he addressed the gathering. He has been invited by various international forums to present his work on the use of media and technology in conservation including University of California (Los Angeles) and the Australian government. He recently also appeared on Ted Talks India hosted by Shark Rukh Khan. Amoghavarsha believes the greater journey for him is to build bridges using these portals between consciousness, thus fading the