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Free Digital Conference with Futurists Musgrave, Leonhard, Lyngso, Adamson: Covid-19 and The Future of Business
Updated March 23, 2020: by popular demand, this session has been amended to focus on Covid-19 and the Future of Business. What is likely, or even certain, to happen during this year? What are the worst/best case scenarios as far as business is concerned ? How will this crisis impact different industries, nations and people? How do we adapt and prepare? What can we do to get ready? What are the biggest challenges and where are the biggest opportunities?

We are living in an age of perpetual VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) - and given that we are also moving at exponential pace, FORESIGHT is now mission-critical. Being 'future-ready' is everyone's job now, and it requires more than good data, sharp analysis and domain expertise. To 'have a get feel' for what's coming is probably more of an art than a science - imagination and intuition are just as important as experience and knowledge: EQ AND IQ.

This session's objective is to share practical wisdom during these times of great turmoil, and to discuss how we can adapt.  The 4 speakers will present their insights / foresights about the immediate future, presenting 8 minutes minutes each, followed by open questions and debate with as many people as possible.

This event is free but slots are limited (currently at 80% capacity so... hurry up!).

More details:
Anton Musgrave: https://thefuturesagency.com/speakers/anton-musgrave/
Gerd Leonhard: https://www.futuristgerd.com
Liselotte Lyngso https://thefuturesagency.com/speakers/liselotte-lyngso/
KD Adamson https://thefuturesagency.com/speakers/k-d-adamson/
Moderator: Soha Rashed, Associate Futurist and Researcher, The Futures Agency

The latest updates will be shared here: https://gerd.fm/39ZgAsN

Other events will soon be announced on http://www.theconference.digital soon! Please note that this is a FREE event, for now, as we are trying out new ideas and concepts. This may change in the future :)
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