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Women's Health w Cannabinoid Supplementation
Regardless of the phase of your life, as women we have ongoing and changing health needs.

Learn specifics about cannabinoid supplementation to address stress, hormonal balance, sleep challenges, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, inflammation from chronic conditions, chronic and breakthrough pain, cancer symptom management, pre-cancerous cell prevention, addiction, brain health, and much more.

Instructor: Pam Trapp Founder of CannaMedU
Certified Cannabis Educator
Patient Care - Green Flower
The Endocannabinoid System - Healer
Cannabis for Advocates & Educators - Radicle

Curriculum included:

Supplementation without psychoactivity.

Why cannabinoids help the body heal from so many challenges.

Cannabinoids as anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti depressant, antiemetic (nausea), apoptosis inducing, neuroprotectant, neuroplasticity producing agents.

Womens health issues as noted above.

Cannabinoid chemovar overview (including terpenes) and how to choose product specifically for your needs.

Reliable resources for informed cannabinoid decisions.

20 minute live Q&A

Apr 8, 2020 06:30 PM in Indiana (East)

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