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Webinar: Netnography – receiving answers to questions you did not even think of!
There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way consumers/users communicate and interact. The web has developed from a one-way information place to a cyber-place where people with similar interests get together, sharing experiences and building up relationships.

An increasing number of consumers actively gather online and communicate in web forums, blogs, social networks and various kinds of online platforms, generating tons of extremely relevant content.
Many of these “platforms” or virtual communities are mainly based upon shared enthusiasm and knowledge concerning specific product domains and represent a virtual meeting place for innovative users to discuss problems, habits, likes or dislikes, opportunities and ideas for new products or their improvement. Consequently, an analysis of online communities is a valuable way to identify qualitative market feedback from a large number of enthusiastic individuals regarding specific research questions.

You should participate, if:
• You’re a marketing, market-research, consumer-insights, product-, service, innovation or digital manager
• You are looking for new consumer insights, which allow you to align your innovation process along consumers’ needs, wishes and motivations
• You are looking for a more user-centric product development
• If you are passionate about consumers insights, human-centered approaches and innovation

After the webinar you will be able to answer following questions:
• What is Netnography?
• How is netnographic research implemented?
• Are there different types of Netnography?
• What are Netnography success stories?
• Where finds Netnography its place in Service Design, Design Thinking, Lean, Agile…?
• What are major barriers?
• What will happen with Netnography in the future?

At a glance:
• September 30th, 4-5 pm
• Free of cost
• Language: English
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Nayeli Tusche
@HYVE - the innovation company
Nayeli Tusche is Senior Innovation Researcher. With her B. Sc. in Cognitive Psychology (NL) and M.Sc. in Consumer Science (D) she has “Eagle Eyes” when it comes to identifying and delivering solid, impactful insights. Her strong ability to translate insights into powerful stories that shift hearts and minds will make the Webinar the place to be.