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IBTISAM BARAKAT - Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine
“Balcony on the Moon” charts Ibtisam’s extraordinary journey from childhood towards adulthood in extraordinary circumstances – the occupation. At the heart of the book is the juxtaposition between them and how Ibtisam navigates the challenges of both.

One year Ibtisam and her family break their fast to the sound of cannons as Egypt attempts to regain control of the Sinai Desert and the Suez Canal. Later, her mother hums victory songs as she cleans the house. What should be normal events in her life – observing a religious festival and cleaning the house – are peppered with the daily realities of living under occupation in the seventies.

Aug 2, 2018 7:00 PM in London

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Ibtisam Barakat
Award-winning, Palestinian-American author, poet, translator, artist and educator. Ibtisam Barakat was born in Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem, and grew up in Ramallah, Palestine. Her work centres on healing social injustices, especially in the lives of young people.