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Arrester Knowledge - Session 2
Become a specialist in the configuration of Surge Arrester. Take this opportunity to improve your knowledge or to learn something new.
The Tridelta webinar series is designed to help you get to know the fantastic world of surge arresters better and to immerse yourself in this challenging field of electrical engineering.
Surge Arresters are our Passion - Innovation is at the heart of our business.
We are Tridelta Meidensha - THE ARRESTER COMPANY

AGENDA Speaker Florent Giraudet
Short introduction Tridelta Meidensha
Brief portfolio update
General selection - Main application gapless
Calculation of Uc / MCOV – Earth factors / TOV
Calculation of Ur / Duty Cycle Voltage
Selection of Protection Level – minimum safety margin with BIL system
Energy Ratings Wth and Qrs – origin of ratings and test procedure

AGENDA Speaker Philipp Raschke
Short-Circuit capability of system vs. Short-Circuit capability of arrester
Pollution performance / Creepage distances
Comparison of Hydrophobicity Porcelain/Silicone
Insulation level / Altitude Correction of housings
Distinction between Grading Ring and Corona Ring – 2 different functions
How is the bending moment test performed? Cantilever Strength SSL/SLL
Seismic loads – fundamentals
Surge Counter installation – maximum length of ground cable
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Florent Giraudet
Sales Manager
Mr. Giraudet received a Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Industrial and Electrical Engineering from CESI in Lyon, France in 2010. He joined Siemens Grenoble where his focus was on retrofit of GIS & AIS switchgear and later Siemens, Germany as Application Engineer for surge arrester technologies. In this role, he was responsible for business development of overhead line solutions that include applications of transmission line arresters as well as polymeric insulators. In 2020 he took over Sales & Marketing responsibilities for surge arresters at Tridelta Meidensha.
Philipp Raschke
R&D Manager
Mr. Raschke graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cooperative Education in Gera, Germany. He began his career in 2009 as Product Developer working on overvoltage protection electronics for Gigabit Ethernet. He later received his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. Since then, he has served as Product Specialist at Tridelta Meidensha, where he is responsible for development of polymer-housed surge arresters as well as surge arrester diagnostic products.