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Lessons from 50 years of Internet connectivity : The World Has Changed
The world has indeed changed. And the most important new fact about the human condition is that we are now suddenly … connected. We celebrated the 50th birthday of the Internet in 2019, and it’s almost as if we built the Internet to transcend COVID-19. Connectivity is a thing. It has its benefits (freedom and prosperity), dimensions, laws (like Metcalfe’s Law), disruptions, pathologies, and paradoxes. We are suffering pathologies like porno, spam, security breaches, privacy violations, hate speech, fake news – because the Internet’s connectivity has come so fast to over half the human race. And we humans are already outnumbered ~2:1 on the Internet – there are 8 billion “things” here already. We are still learning to deal with all this connectivity, and ready or not here comes the augmented video mobile gigabit Internet of Things.

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May 7, 2021 06:00 PM in India

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